This is an optimal accessory provided to measure, indicate and record the loads on each mooring line or the sum of the loads on each mooring hook set.

The system mainly consists of load cells housed in the swivel pin of each hook, the output from these load cells are lead by cable to junction boxes on each hook set containing digital amplifiers, which are connected to the display computer and printer in the remote control room in the safe area.

The system will provide the following information:
1. Display of load on each hook in real time numerically and in the form of a bar graph and trend graph for long term trending (30 min to 24 hours).
2. Uses configurable set points for minimum and maximum permissible load.
3. Audio and visual alarm if the load moves beyond the set points.
4. Overload arms will remain operative until overload situation disappears.
5. All loads are stored in the computer hard disk for long term trending viewable in the trend graph facility.
6. Hook release on overload will be on operators intervention from the control room.

We are proud to introduce you the most comprehensive ship mooring data monitor accompanied with event logging facilities. The complete scientific and systematic solution, for mooring load-monitoring system.
The key features are
1. Non stop monitoring and recording
2. Graphical display of data for easy analysis
a) Instantaneous data in the form of histogram
b) Recorded data in the form of trend graph
3. Ship mooring configuration recording facility
4. High security, which helps to grant and revoke rights to each users
5. Flexible report generation
a) Reports from current database
b) Reports from back up device (CD, Floppy)
6. Shift setting, to enable session wise reports
7. Reliable back-up facility
8. Communication port selection
9. Software registration to avail your legal validity
10. Integrated application design for easy navigation
11. Automatic Event logging enables traceability
12. Single screen report selection.

1. Introduction
The software interacts with digital indicators enabling the operator to monitor the tension on each hook.

2. The Screens
The sample screens for the software are given below.






Mooring Configuration:


This screen is used to set the mooring configuration.









Mooring Monitor:

This is the screen where all the load values are continuously displayed on the histogram. The color changes from yellow (below minimum level), green (between minimum and maximum level), red ( above maximum level). Clicking on any of the bars in the histogram, user can see the minimum limit, maximum limit and the actual load at that point of time.











Load on Hook:

Clicking on any of the bars in the histogram, user can see the minimum limit, maximum limit.








All Indicators on Single Screen:

This screen shows values from all the indicators.










Trend Graph:

This Screen shows actual Load vs. Time.







User Manager:

This screen helps the administrator to create users and assign privileges for using different screens in the software.