Nautilus Engineering towing hooks consist of “Conventional Type” and “Disc Type”. Both types have quick release mechanisms that can easily release the towing rope/line at all times and at full load to guarantee the safety of tug in dangerous situations. The hook can be released from the hook manually or from the wheelhouse through a lanyard or by pushing an electric button to activate pneumatic or hydraulic quick release.

Nautilus Engineering has been manufacturing quality marine products since 1986. We have a track receord of zero failure. Spares are very rarely requested, that too for electrical components.

All our towing hooks can be supplied with various options such as:
1. Remote Control system
2. Load Monitoring System for continuous measurement of towing loads.
3. Fairlead for guiding manual release wire (8mm SS) to bridge/wheelhouse.
4. Horizontal brackets for mounting on bulkhead or on the winch.

Advantages of using the Nautilus Engineering Towing Hook:
1. The cost of hooks are very reasonable for the quality supplied.
2. Maintenance is minimum as we use stainless steel and non-ferrous bushings to make operation easy and user friendly.
3. Our towing hooks are free-swiveling and self-supporting, thus avoiding sliding plates. They move easily in, both, the vertical and horizontal planes.
4. Only a minimal manual effort of @ 15 Kgf is required to activate release at the safe working load (SWL).
5. Guaranteed to last the life of the tug boat with minimum maintenance