Towing Hook 100 Ton / 10 Ton

Towing Hooks:

In capacities of 25 KN to 2000 KN. Disc or conventional type. Generally the conventional type of hooks do not exceed 120 KN safe working load. Tow hooks above 120 KN capacity are usually disc type. The tow hooks are of the Quick Release Type, designed to release at full safe working load. The quick release is activated manually, pneumatically or hydraulically as required. The tow hooks are supplied/can be supplied in different models viz., with or without shock absorbers, with radial arms for bulkhead mounting, post mounting, deck mounting etc., as per owners requirements.

IP 56 Box for housing pneumatics

IP 56 Box for housing pneumatics




Disc type tow hook with disc spring shock-absorber and anti-girthing radial arm.


Tow Hook with enclosed parallel spring shock absorbers

new t hook

Disc type tow hook with shock absorbers and tow post.