Quick Release Mooring Hooks

  • Designed and Manufactured In-House

  • Each hook can be released Electro-Hydraulically or Electro-Pneumatically having also a manual override

  • Load monitoring is incorporated if required

  • Each quick release mooring hook can swivel from 0 degrees to +45 degrees in the vertical plane.

  • The hooks will be tested to proof load of 1.5 times Safe Working Load and furnished with our manufacturers test certificate.

  • The designs of our mooring hooks are based on a factor of safety of over 5. 

  • Identification plates are provided on the hook assembly with name of manufacturer, date of manufacture, serial number, capacity and purchase order number.

  • The entire mooring assembly will be electrically insulated from the capstan assembly.

Single Mooring Hook

Double Mooring Hook

Triple Mooring Hook

Quadruple Mooring Hook

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