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The Laser Docking Ranger- SRD 303-i

While an oil tanker or an LNG carrier approaches a jetty for berthing, SRD-303i instantly provides the following information utilizing narrow beam laser technology :

•Distance from the berth to the vessel for bow and stern

•Approaching speed of the vessel for bow and stern

•Tilt angle of the vessel 

SRD-303i is a strong assisting device for the captains and pilots to secure safe and smooth berthing approach.


Typical Installation Site

The advantages of using the SRD-303i Narrow Beam Laser technology:

•Operable with small amount of reflection.

•Short pulse laser system provides accurate measurements.

•The measurement point can be checked visually to confirm the laser transmission from the berth.

•Easy to confirm measuring data on display.

•Easy installation and maintenance.


Laser Sensor

Why Choose the SRD-303i?

  • High measurement accuracy

      High accuracy is achieved from laser transmission with short pulse  in high PRF (pulse   repetition frequency).

  • Safety Class 1 laser

    Class 1 laser is safe and exempted from beam-hazard control 


  • Reliable maintenance and after-sale service

    No critical trouble records in more than 45 years of history. 

    Maintenance free for 10 years.

  • IECEx / ATEX applicable for explosive area

  • Vast supply records to major Japanese users

  • Accepted by captains and pilots with good reputation

The reasons why SRD-303i can secure high measurement accuracy are:

  • High power / high PRF laser transmission

   Real time averaging of vast amount of raw data obtained from laser transmission in high power and high PRF brings

a stable measurement.


  • 1.5 nsec short pulse length laser

    Short pulse brings less noise and higher discrimination compared to long pulse employed by the competitors. 

Overview and Components


Laser Sensor


Light Board Display

Overview of the set-up


Speed Alarm Lights




Outdoor Indicator


Measuring Indicator

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